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15May 17

Peach Leaf Tea

A peach tree showed up one year beside our driveway in an obscure spot behind our neighbors garage. It went unnoticed for quite some time, but one day I saw…

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12May 17

Blackberry Honey

I wasn’t sure what to call this, because it’s not honey from blackberries. In other words, the bees didn't forage blackberry blooms. It’s a little thicker than a syrup, and not sweetened…

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10May 17

Stewartia malacodendron

The ornamental value of Stewartia malacodendron has been described by authors of gardening and botanical literature for at least 200 years. William Bartram in his Travels through North and South…

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10May 17

Long Weekend at the Coast

When you haven't written a real post in months, it's hard to jump back in! An intimidating backlog of photos from the past year or two brings to mind so…

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