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Monarda clinopodia

basil beebalm

Scientific name: Monarda clinopodia

Common names: Basil beebalm, basil bergamot, white beebalm

Family: Lamiaceae

Native Range: Most of the eastern United States

Actaea racemosa

black cohosh

Scientific name: Actaea racemosa

Common names: Black cohosh, black bugbane, black snakeroot

Family: Ranunculaceae

Native Range: Eastern North America north of Florida

Atropa belladonna

deadly nightshade atropa belladonna

Scientific name: Atropa belladonna

Common names: Deadly nightshade, belladonna

Family: Solanaceae

Native Range: Southern and central Europe

Monarda punctata

spotted beebalm monarda punctata

Scientific name: Monarda punctata

Common names: Spotted beebalm, spotted horsemint

Family: Lamiaceae

Native Range: Eastern North America

Helenium flexuosum

southern sneezeweed helenium flexuosum

Scientific name: Helenium flexuosum

Common names: Southern sneezeweed, purplehead sneezeweed

Family: Asteraceae

Native Range: Eastern USA

Pycnanthemum muticum

clustered mountain mint pycnanthemum muticum

Scientific name: Pycnanthemum muticum

Common names: Clustered mountain mint

Family: Lamiaceae

Native Range: Eastern USA, and southwest to Texas

Rubus odoratus

mapleleaf raspberry rubus odoratus

Scientific name: Rubus odoratus

Common names: Mapleleaf raspberry, purple-flowered raspberry

Family: Rosaceae

Native Range: Eastern USA and Canada

Daucus carota

queen anne's lace daucus carota

Scientific name: Daucus carota

Common names: Queen Anne’s lace, wild carrot

Family: Apiaceae

Native Range: Europe and southwest Asia

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