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A Fresh New Year

Roadside Water Runoff

It was a warm and very wet December. To say we’re saturated is an understatement.

Lichen and Hemlock

The rain has brought down lichen covered branches all over the yard.

Turkey Tail Fungus

Turkey tail fungus thrives on the rotting logs.

Jelly Fungus

Gooey jelly fungus drips from the end of a broken branch.

Mahonia Flowers

The unseasonable weather has accelerated the bloom schedule for lots of plants. These mahonia blooms add some sunshine to the lengthy string of gray days.

Ilex latifolia buds

Lusterleaf holly (Ilex latifolia) makes a yellow contribution, too.

Dried Oakleaf Hydrangea

2015’s skeletal remnants hang from an oakleaf hydrangea.

Red Camellia

Professor Charles Sargent camellia has been a joy through the Advent season. The blooms—still beautiful and whole—fall to the ground among fresh new daffodil shoots.

Under the Camellia

Old is shed, and new emerges…it’s how the garden grows.

White Hellebore

Happy New Year, everyone!

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