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Merry Christmas

Amaryllis 'Merry Christmas'

You’re looking down the throat of an amaryllis with me. This one is called Merry Christmas, but even though I potted it in early October, it didn’t bloom until now. I would rename it Happy Valentine’s Day, but no one’s asked me.

Amaryllis 'Merry Christmas' in bud

An amaryllis is welcome whenever it blooms, though, and intense red is a nice jolt of energy on a cold and windy winter morning.

Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought

Chipotle must have had someone like me in mind when they came up with their Cultivating Thought series—I love the artwork, love the stories, love the whole idea of having something less boring than a huge logo on fast food cups and bags. I’m guess I’m not alone—the success of the first series prompted a second, which is showing up in the restaurants now.

Today, I got my own Chipotle bag and cup to read while stuck waiting at the mall for an hour during lunchtime. It was a nice twist to find out that cracked pots don’t just let the light in… sometimes they let water flow through instead. If you like “beautiful fruit” and growing things, this story will make you smile. See what I mean (this is from “Two-Minute Alchemy” by Paulo Coehlo):

Better yet, go get a veggie bowl with sofritas and read the actual bag.

BTW, Barbara Kingsolver (a fave!), joined this series with a cup-sized piece about community. My cup (by Toni Morrison), I’m just now reading at home: “…I saw a butterfly broken by the slam of a single raindrop on its wings fold and flutter as it hit a pool of water still fighting for the lift that is its nature…” Hers is called, “Two-Minute Seduction.”

Mmm delicious. And so was the food.

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