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Asheville’s White Gate Inn

hosta fountain

The White Gate Inn in Asheville, North Carolina, is surrounded by greenery.


All along the side of the Inn, houseplants mingle with the garden plants as they summer out of doors.

Easter Cactus (Hatiori gaertneri)

A scarlet Easter cactus (Hatiori gaertneri) shouts out from the shade.

Side Yard at White Gate Inn

In the side yard, there’s a pleasant pathway through lush hostas, a fluffy hydrangea, and the sound of water.

Green Kousa Dogwood

An intriguing green-flowered kousa dogwood requires a closer look.

White Gate Inn Sign

And then…water plants? We are in the hinterlands, at the back side of a water feature. What are we doing here?

Let’s go back a few steps and enter through the White Gate!

White Gate Inn Front Entrance

Okay, now close your eyes for a second.



White Gate Inn Lawn

Were you prepared to see a lawn like this? I surely wasn’t! I think I might have inhaled a fly.

Water Feature, White Gate Inn

And what about this?! Go ahead and pin it to your Garden Inspiration board now.


And then think about how you’ll make a visit to Asheville soon to stay at the White Gate Inn so you can see the gardens for yourself.

I visited The White Gate Inn garden during the Garden Bloggers Fling Asheville in May 2012.

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    1. Those of us who went in the back way didn’t get to spend enough time in the front! I was surprised to hear it hadn’t been part of the itinerary. I’m glad to have seen it.

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