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Callicarpa americana


Scientific name: Callicarpa americana

Common names: Beautyberry, French mulberry, Spanish mulberry

Family: Lamiaceae

Nativity: Southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland

Beautyberry (Callicarpa Americana)

Late Summer 2014


September 8, 2012
Van Landingham Glen
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

Beautyberry Flowers (Callicarpa Americana)

June 2015

Beautyberry In A Container

June 2015

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Callicarpa americana

Given its scientific name by Linnaeus in 1753 from a specimen collected in Virginia, USA.

Family: Lamiaceae (formerly Verbenaceae)

Common Names: Beautyberry, Spanish Mulberry, French Mulberry

Nativity: Southeastern North America

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