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Sensitive Plant

Who doesn’t get a kick out of touching the sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica)? Watching the tiny leaflets gracefully fold is fascinating. Needless to say, children love these plants! If you have little ones around, why not plant a few pots of your own so there’s always a fresh one to tease?

Sensitive plants are easy to grow from seed, sprouting quickly in a little cup on the windowsill. They make attractive houseplants, producing little pink powderpuff flowers once they mature. Botanical Interests has seeds available—they’re even heirloom.

Sensitive plant seeds

Sunny and 63°F

Snowdrop, Gallanthus

It was quite pleasant in my part of the world today. After days and weeks of cold, gray rain, staying inside just wasn’t an option, so I took a walk around the neighborhood and through my garden. Did you know there are fat buds on the daffodils and color on the camellia buds? A few impatient snowdrops showed up in early December, and there have been one or two fresh ones each week or so. I’m not sure how many bulbs I still have, but it would be nice to see a drift of them a little later on.

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