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Senna Obtusifolia

Senna obtusifolia

This pretty volunteer showed up in my garden one day. I noticed sulphur butterflies seemed to like it too, and it turns out that it is a host plant for them. What I didn't want to know is that it…

Buddleja Davidii

Buddleja davidii

Scientific name: Buddleja davidii, often spelled Buddleia Common names: Butterfly bush, orange-eye butterfly bush, summer lilac, mimenghua, mi meng hua Family: Buddlejaceae Nativity: China and Japan Location: Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve, Leland, NC Date: October 24, 2016 Notes: The beautifully ornamental…

Amsonia Ciliata

Amsonia ciliata

Flowers begin opening while the plant's unfurling branches are lax, a curious but beautiful effect. Gil Nelson, Wildflowers of the Sandhills Region, 2011 I've heard more often about Amsonia hubrichtii because of its use in gardens, but A. ciliata is a good garden candidate…

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