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Yellow Halberdleaf Violet (Viola Hastata)

Viola hastata

Scientific name: Viola hastata Michaux Common names: Spearleaf violet, silverleaf violet, halberd-leaf violet Family: Violaceae Nativity: Eastern United States Location: Reedy Creek Nature Preserve, Charlotte, NC Date: March 11, 2012

Crested Coralroot (Hexalectris Spicata)

Significantly Rare

Walking back to the dorm at Native Plant Camp (commonly known as the Cullowhee Conference), my sharp-eyed friend spotted this barely visible growing thing on the steep bank beside the parking lot. This was yesterday as the sun was going…

Yellow Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Flava)—looks Like A Copper Top

Brunswick County, NC

Brunswick County, North Carolina, is one of the most botanically interesting places you can go. It is the home of Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, and several other species of carnivorous plants. Native orchids are well represented as well. It…

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