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Cheap Thrills

Oncidium Orchid, probably Sharry Baby

There’s room—even on the messiest desk—for a new orchid, isn’t there? Pike’s Nursery has several of these chocolate-scented Oncidium marked down from $30 to $10 right now. How could I pass that up?

There’s no label, but the one I bought looks and smells like ‘Sharry Baby’. I will treat it the same way I do that one, with a thorough watering about once a week, monthly fertilizer, and filtered sun. From my experience, Oncidium are among the toughest orchids, and they’re easy to grow. The blooms last for weeks.

Deep violet-red flowers flutter with any little disturbance, giving these (and other Oncidium) the common name Dancing Ladies.

And the heavenly scent! It’s a little like chocolate and vanilla mixed together, and it’s kind of addictive. I have to stop what I’m doing just to get a sniff every now and again.

They dance, they smell good, and they perform for a long time. That’s quite a lot of enjoyment for $10.

Oncidium Orchid, probably Sharry Baby

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