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Edgeworthia chrysantha

Edgeworthia buds opening

Scientific name: Edgeworthia chrysantha, syn. Edgeworthia papyrifera, syn. Edgeworthia tomentosa

Common names: Paperbush, edgeworthia, mitzumata(Japan)

Family: Thymelaeaceae

Nativity: China

Edgeworthia Blooms And Branches

Susie Harwood Garden, UNC Charlotte
February 24, 2013

Paperbush Edgeworthia Chrysantha

September 6, 2012

Edgeworthia Buds Opening

January 1, 2016
Oakleaf Woods
Charlotte, NC

Michael Pakenham Edgeworth

Michael Pakenham Edgeworth, c. 1844. (Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


January 1, 2016

Edgeworthia Crysantha

March 11, 2014

Edgeworthia Blooms From Below

February 15, 2013

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