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Glowing Maple

sugar maple through the window

I was out of town for a couple of days earlier this week and when I got home, my sugar maple was doing its fall thing. It only lasts for a few days each year, but when it’s at its peak, it is something!

Sugar Maple Leaves

Once its leaves start to fall, they go quickly; my neighbor swears they only last a day. I think it’s slightly more than that, but not much. They’ve covered the path already.

Geranium with Maple Mulch

Geranium maculatum gets tucked in for winter with a maple blanket.

Beautyberry and Sugar Maple

Beautyberry turns a pretty chartreuse and fades to yellow. It’s a nice contrast to the berries, which the birds have already picked, and to the maple, too.

sugar maple overhead

There is so much to look at on the ground, but I should still remember to look up more often. Sometimes it looks like this up there!

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