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Greenwood City Garden

Greenwood City Garden

After the grayed neutrals of an Empty Beach, the sunny saturated shades of Greenwood City Garden’s flamboyant flowers are a cheery contrast.

Greenwood Flowers

Several garden blogging friends — JanetJulie A., Julie H., and Karin — got together recently and toured gardens during the Festival of Flowers in Greenwood, South Carolina. (We also visited the lovely Rice Elementary School Roots and Shoots Garden.)

Pink Hibiscus

Can you believe the size of this hibiscus? The shrub was full of blooms, all huge—kind of like big pink frisbees. And speaking of ‘bees …

Busy Bee

This garden hummmmmms! It’s a pollinator’s dream.

Greenwood Garden Path

I poked my nose into this canna to see if anybody was crawling around in there.


It’s like being inside a sunset.

Pollinator Heaven

But the sunflowers say it’s early yet.


Daylilies, black-eyed Susans, marigolds, and red zinnias —

Zinnias and Daylilies

— they’re food for the soul…and the wildlife.

Red Zinnias

The Greenwood City Garden is at the corner of West Cambridge and Calhoun Street. It is always open.

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