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Jamba Juice

Jamba JuicesI think this store is going to change my life.

Although I have run across a Jamba Juice store or two while traveling, I never paid much attention. But this week, I got the opportunity to stop by the newest Charlotte store in Piper Glen for some samples and demos, and now I’m feeling positively evangelical!

It really stood out to me because all the juices are freshly squeezed from fresh fruits and vegetables, nothing frozen, and no added sugars. Nothing they serve has trans fats. There is a creative selection of juices and smoothies but also breakfast wraps, steel cut oatmeal and some sandwiches. The menu changes with the seasons and availability of produce, or when good new ideas come their way…keeps it interesting.

My favorite juice is the Citrus Kick which is a blend of orange, apple, pineapple, and gingerroot. So unbelievably delicious, and so healthy! The spinach egg white wrap was really good, too, but so was everything else I tried. It’s incredible how different fresh apple juice is from what we typically think of as apple juice. Same with everything else!

I have found the staff friendly, patient, and especially helpful with brand new customers trying to decide what to order. And the atmosphere is cheerful and upbeat.

jamba juice energy bowlThe Piper Glen store (in the Trader Joe’s shopping complex) is right next to the McAlpine Greenway, which makes it a nice reward stop after you’ve done your exercise. Child-friendly items and sizes make it a perfect after school stop as well. And given the price of juicers and produce to make your own, this place is a reasonably priced alternative.

If you have never been to Jamba Juice, check out the menu and locations: There are four stores in Charlotte, but there are over 800 stores in the US and around the world. Sign up for their Jamba Insider Rewards Program and get $3 off your first purchase. You can order online if you prefer to just pick it up when you get there without waiting in line.

For a jumpstart, I have a $10 gift certificate for one of you (good anywhere in the USA). If you would like to have it, leave a comment here or on A Charlotte Garden’s Facebook page. If you’re shy, you can just “like” the post and I’ll count that. Winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, November 22, 2015. I will drop it in the mail to you the next day. Only US addresses, please.

Do try Jamba Juice if you haven’t already and tell me what you think. I seriously loved it! (And went back the next day.)


Photos courtesy of Jamba Juice Company.

UPDATE November 22, 2015: The gift card goes to Terri Wilburn! I hope you enjoy Jamba Juice as much as I do, Terri. :)

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  1. Wish there was one close by….but I do have my smoothie every morning. (mine have fruit that has been fresh frozen and I do add Greek yogurt) all good!

    1. We make smoothies with frozen fruit at our house, too. It was the best way I ever found to get the kids to consume a decent amount of nutrients! I don’t usually add yogurt to mine, but I forgot to mention that Jamba will add Greek yogurt, or chia seeds, or all sorts of other things to your juice or smoothie if you want. They also have wheat grass and ginger shots. I hope you get one near you soon. :)

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