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Little Miss Figgy, Digital Art, and Masks

Hello there.


It’s been a while. I had decided maybe I was through with blogging when COVID-19 hit and changed my mind. For many of us orders to stay at home have taken away the everyday distractions and allowed for a little more time to think.

Granted, we have that pesky threat of death hanging over our heads. For some of you it’s not just a threat. I’m so sorry. And grateful for all who are taking care of you, and the rest of us.

Have you dusted off your sewing machine to make masks in recent weeks? If a rusty sewer like me gets requests, there must be quite a need. I started with this one (pictured left) because I didn’t have elastic, but then made some modifications along the way. Mainly instead of four ties, I use two and apply the length of the tie so that it covers the pleats of the short edge of the mask. I hope that makes sense. If you have a favorite pattern, please share it in the comments.

On one of his recent podcasts, Jeff Goins recommended we “do something stupid,” as a way to make it through the Stay at Home order. I took it as a suggestion to do something not serious, not required for work, just spontaneous, fun, and creative.

So, that’s what I did. Venus Flytrap was a theme. Plants, big surprise. I did a few of these. I think he was right, it does make you
feel better.

When you’re stuck at home all day every day, a package coming can be the highlight of your day. Plants by Mail sent me an especially exciting box this week–not toothpaste, not toilet paper, but three Southern Living fruit shrubs!

Blueberries, ‘Bless Your Heart’ and ‘Takes the Cake’, and a dwarf fig, ‘Little Miss Figgy,’ were all in the box. I’m planning to grow them in containers close to the house this summer and then bring them inside to an unheated porch in winter. Hopefully this way I can keep an eye on them and beat the birds and deer to the fruit! Take a look at Little Miss Figgy. She’s as cute as her name.

Cancellation of the Cullowhee Conference this summer was a quite a disappointment, but The Native Plant Podcast is the next best thing to being there. Check it out if you haven’t already.

UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens has a new series on YouTube called “Native Gems with Dr. M.” He’s the real gem. Enjoy.

Wildflowers, Herbs, and Weeds of the Southeastern United States

Moving forward now with, I’ll be focusing on wild
plants more than in the past — native plants of the Carolinas and those
that have naturalized here. So, primarily plants and weeds you would
find in the woods and roadsides of the Carolinas and much of the
southeastern United States. Many of these are in your garden already,
and there are certain to be more that you will want to grow once you
know about them. Many are edible or medicinal as well as being stunning
garden plants.

For those of you who are already crazy about the wild plants, I hope
you’ll add to (or start) the conversation in the comments of each post.
Thank you in advance.

Until next time, visit some plants and stay well.


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