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Not the Goldenrod!


Every year at the end of summer when the gold blooms appear, you’ll hear complaints about it. “Goldenrod makes me sneeze!,” or, “That plant makes my nose run,” etc. But actually goldenrod is not the culprit, ragweed is. They bloom at the same time, but their pollen is different. While goldenrod has large, heavy grains that the bees love, ragweed’s is dusty-fine, bountiful, and drifts on the wind — until it finds your nose!

YardMap posted this cool graphic (©Dan Mullen) on Twitter about it. It reads:


  • Does not cause hay fever!
  • Provides pollen in Fall!
  • A major food source for migrating Monarchs!
  • Attracts insects for birds!
  • Is Native and Beautiful!

Check out the link in the tweet for a PDF with tips for identifying goldenrod and ragweed.

And take a look at, too. YardMap is a citizen science project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. You map your yard or garden (there are instructions) and then learn how to create a sustainable landscape that is attractive habitat for birds. Click the learn tab for helpful information presented in an eye-catching way.

If you’ve ever participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, you already have an account. Just sign in to get started!

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