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Phlox paniculata

Garden Phlox (Phlox paniculata)

Scientific name: Phlox paniculata Linnaeus

Common names: Garden phlox

Family: Polemoniaceae

Nativity: Eastern United States

Location: Oakleaf Woods, Charlotte, NC, USA

Date: September 15, 2014

Notes: For over 20 years these purple-y pink flowers have been blooming in our garden. They became “birthday phlox” when our daughter was born since they’re gorgeous just in time for her July birthday. I use them in the birthday table arrangement along with Mrs. Burns basil, Shasta daisies and a daylily or two.

Although Phlox of all kinds have a reputation for getting powdery mildew, some cultivars are more resistant than others, and mine rarely have it. Deer are much more problematic around here; they love garden phlox. This year they kept it mowed down to about 6 inches tall the entire season. I didn’t spray … that would have definitely helped keep them away … but between the deer and the drought that set in,  it never bloomed at all. First year that has ever happened.

It is a perennial, so you can divide the clumps in Spring, but it will also reseed.

Garden phlox likes moist soil and light shade. It is fragrant and edible.

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