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Stay in a Treehouse

Do you know about Airbnb yet? I first started seeing mentions of it a few months ago on the accounts of some of the more hip people I follow on Instagram and Twitter. It’s an alternative to standard hotel/motel accommodations. You search an extensive list of properties and then book a cottage or home, or condo/apartment, or just a single room in a home through the website,

My son recently booked a room in Berkeley, California. His single room in the home of an urban farmer was a highlight of his trip. A friendly host in a great location with fresh eggs for breakfast—all for less than the price of a too cheap hotel.

Airbnb was started by a Brian Chesky in San Francisco in 2008 in response to having no money to make rent. He and his roommate rented out part of their apartment during a design conference as a way to get money fast.

Sometimes the humblest beginnings can really take off—now Airbnb is one of the official housing providers for the Summer Olympics in Rio next year. Worldwide, there are more than a million properties listed in 190 countries.

The thousands of possibilities for all sorts of travel experiences will excite your wanderlust. @Airbnb on Instagram will get you dreaming!


The treehouse above is currently listed at $65 a night. Miami, Florida. <squeeee!>

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