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Skipper Butterfly on Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

I never paid any attention to skipper butterflies until I started to photograph insects, and that was by accident, mostly. Bugs of all sorts were starting to photobomb my flower pictures, and with all the talk about pollinators in the gardening world, I just went with it.

Even so, I’ve been slow to warm up to them, though I do appreciate their ecological niche and the important services they provide.

Skipper on Zinnia

But while swallowtails are elegantly beautiful, and praying mantises are creepy-cool, these skippers are just too cute, aren’t they? Small and quick, colorful, fuzzy, and those big eyes — adorable! I fear I may have finally caught the pollinator “bug!”


She’s a Wildflower

Pure Midwestern magic. These guys were swarming and landing all over my body 😍🍂🍃🌿💐

A video posted by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ🌻ᴅᴀɪsʏ (@katieisadaisy) on

Katie Daisy’s bio says she’s a Painter/Wildflower. For some of us, that’s enough to want to follow @katieisadaisy— what exactly does a painter/wildflower do?

But, there’s also the fact that her paintings, which she Instagrams regularly, are joyful, luminous depictions of the nature she loves and the prairie she grew up near. (She must have learned butterfly whispering there.)

And, she’s planning a fairytale-in-the-forest type wedding, she regularly travels to gorgeous places, she’s so, so stylish…and she’s beautiful, too!

She’s a dream, but don’t we all need one sometimes?


The insect in the video is an Eastern Comma butterfly (Polygonia comma).

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