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Grow Native

Gardening with natives instills an understanding of our natural world—its cycles, changes, and history. Communing with nature has a positive, healing effect on human beings. Learning how to work with instead of against nature will do wonders for your spiritual health.

Lynn M. Steiner, Grow Native: Bringing Natural Beauty to Your Garden, 2016.

Wading Barelegged

I soon learned that rare and beautiful plants can only be found in places that are difficult of access…. Often one has to shove one’s self through or wriggle under briars, with awkward results to clothing and many and deep cuts and scratches…. Wading, usually barelegged, through countless rattlesnake-infested swamps adds immensely to the interest of the day’s work…. On several occasions I have been so deeply mired I had to be pulled out.

Mary Gibson Henry, 1884–1967

Plantswoman Extraordinaire

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