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Useful Plants and Garden Inspiration at Zilker Botanical Garden

One of many beautiful gardens we saw as part of the Garden Bloggers Fling 2018 was The Zilker Botanical Garden. located in downtown Austin, Texas.

What I remember most about the garden two years later is the wonderful dappled shade of live oak trees and the herb garden, sponsored by the Austin Herb Society.

The herb garden is a mix of the Meditteranean herbs I was familiar with–rosemary, sage, etc., and native Texas herbs–agrarita (Mahonia trifoliata), calico bush (Lantana urticoides), etc., which I was not. Most of the plants are in raised stone beds, which is as attractive as practical. Watching the bees and butterflies get all dusty with pollen as I took in the flowers and herbal scents myself was probably my favorite part of that busy day.

There’s also a large Prehistoric Garden full of plants from early in the chain of evolution (ferns, cycads, horsetails). An iron dinosaur in their midst was a nice, playful touch.

The garden is closed until further notice, presumably due to COVID-19.

Clicking on photos will enlarge them and show captions.

iron garden gate at zilker austin tx
iron birds on garden gate
pond with palms
cycad new growth
herb beds at zilker garden austin tx
herb garden sign at zilker garden austin tx
vegetable vine teepee zilker garden austin tx
log cabin at zilker garden austin tx
yucca flowers at zilker garden austin tx
tree branch with tillandsias
zilker garden sign austin tx
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