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Visitors, Enjoyable Chores, and Tiny Fruit

trovita orange tree with tiny orange
See the tiny orange, bottom right?


What perfect weather we had this weekend for being outside! Family came over, which was great since we hadn’t seen each other in months. It’s still so strange to not touch and to stay six feet apart, but at least we could feel each others’ presence and see more than a phone screen’s worth of everyone.

Before and after family, we gardened.

Enjoyable Chores

Raulston allspice, beautyberry, forsythia, spicebush, peach tree all needed neatening up. Light pruning is probably my favorite thing to do in the garden. The results are just so satisfying. Also thinned some perennials–the overly zealous goldenrod, river oats, lemon balm, catnip and marjoram. Sunday, cut back asters and chrysanthemums and pulled a million elm seedlings while my husband added some stones to some bare areas between the patio flagstones. It was pleasant work with the humidity down and the biting insects getting a slow start this year.


Although, speaking of biting insects, I got a surprise from an herbivore –a leaf hopper (nymph). If I hadn’t seen it biting me, I would never have thought it could be one of those! He must have mistaken me for a plant–Monstera deliciosa, I’m sure. :D “The members of the family Cicadellidae are commonly regarded as herbivorous since they are thought to depend entirely on plant juices for their food. It has been known for some time, however, that they will bite [wo]man.

Tiny Fruit

In spite of the minuscule yield, my citrus trees have fruit! One tiny Trovita orange, one Meyer lemon, and two (two!) baby Mexican limes. They all bloomed well this winter but they could have used more conscientious pollinating by me since there aren’t a lot of flying insects in my house. The leaves of all of these plants are wonderful, too. Don’t neglect to crush one and enjoy the fantastic fragrance.

Sago is deadly for dogs?

Since we have a new puppy,  I went through my ridiculous houseplant collection and moved some of the things that are supposed to cause dogs trouble (like philodendron). And I heard that sago palm is so dangerous just a few nibbles can kill your dog, so I got rid of the one I had. It was prickly anyway, and I’m not all that keen on plants that stab me.

How was the weekend where you are? Which of your plants are you most excited about today?

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