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Wildflowers Along NC 179

My mind is always in the gutter. I just can’t help it—roadside botanizing is one of my favorite things to do! How can you drive by without stopping when the wildflowers are so pretty and abundant?

Along Highway 179 between Shallotte and Ocean Isle Beach, NC, the lyre leaf sage caught my eye first. I parked in a neighborhood and then walked back to look around.

A sprinkling of small white flowers covered the ground for at least 50 yards between the car and highway. I didn’t recognize them right away, but in the back of my mind assumed something in the Rose family.

Then I started to realize there was a red haze under them. ?? Hmm.

Lyre-leaf Sage (Salvia Lyrata)
Stachys Sp. Along NC Hwy 179
Cinnamon Fern (Osmundastrum Cinnamomeum)
Oak And Pine Sandy Woods
Drosera Brevifolia
Drosera Brevifolia
Mossy Green
Salvia Lyrata With Red Truck

What a delight to discover they were sundews! Thousands of them lined the sandy edge of the pine forest in the sun next to the road.

It had been worth stopping if I didn’t see another thing, but there was plenty more. It would have been easy to hang out for a hour or two. Click on the gallery photos and see if you find anything interesting—there were so many plants per square yard, I couldn’t begin to name them all.

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