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Wildflowers Along the Railroad Tracks

Dollar General behind the tracks in Fair Bluff, NC

On a meandering trip back from the coast recently I stopped at the library in Fair Bluff, NC, and popped out of the car for a minute to stretch my legs. There’s a railroad track just across from the library, and because I can never pass up a chance to scope out the wild plants along the tracks, I went that way first.

spiderwort along the tracks in Fair Bluff, NC

Something dark purple amid the tiny, pale wildflowers there caught my eye. Dozens of clumps were scattered along the tracks.

spiderwort fair bluff nc


magenta spiderwort fair bluff nc

A few of the clumps were more magenta than purple.

spiderwort rr fair bluff nc

I’m not sure if any of these are native or whether they’ve naturalized here, but I enjoyed seeing them.

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