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Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus (Crocus versus)

The yellow colored Crocus vernus are always the first of that species to bloom, and this one was the first of the first. I took the photo just a day or two ago, but this morning before the rain came, I saw a little drift of several more of them peeping out around the autumn ferns.

It’s an unfortunate pairing, fresh yellow crocus and old frond. The intense yellow of the crocus and the faded green of the fronds makes the ferns look especially ratty and dejected, and the crocuses look more than a little impudent.

But what’s the solution? Cutting back the ferns, probably. That’s a lot easier than moving the crocuses, and it will show off the fiddleheads that will be forming soon. It’s a simple task, and not unpleasant. I can handle a little early spring in late winter, can’t you?

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